Crop Organization

It's finally here! The perfect way to get your scrapbooking supplies to a crop or class without spending lots of time packing up and unpacking. With the combination of our new CropCrate Apron and a Folding/Rolling Crate from Office Depot, you'll be set for a crop for less than $50.

The CropCrate Apron will hold all of your basic tools and also has a large pocket on the left side for 12x12 paper. The CropCrate Apron is on introductory special for another few days - To see the CropCrate Apron - Click Here.

The apron fits shuggly around The Office Depot folding. The crate will hold up to 7 fully loaded Spinders. Your ScrapRack Base Unit and wings fit neatly into a pocket on the back side.

Before giong to a crop, class or friend's house to scrap:
  • Remove the spinders from your base unit.
  • Place all the loaded Spinders standing straight up in the crate. Place the base unit and wings in the back pocket.
  • Fill the front and right side pockets with all of your basic tools and pens.
  • Fill the left side pocket with 12x12 Paper.
  • Put the lid on the crate and head out the door.

When you get to your final destination, remove all the Spinders from the crate and replace the lid on the crate. Re-assemble your ScrapRack and set it on the lid of the crate. Replace the Spinders. Now you've got all of your Supplies sitting next to you at chair height and your table space is clear and ready for you to work. Using the Crate as a table for your ScrapRack at home works great too. If you're a dining room table scrapper it makes having all of your supplies available quick and easy. To learn more about The CropCrate Apron and how it can work for you follow this link CropCrate Apron - Quick and Easy Organization


Scrapbook Paper Storage and Organization

Are you a Scrapbook "Paper Junkie"?
If you are, then you could probably use a set up "Paper Junkie" Straight Up Paper Storage Boxes. (See more pictures below.)

The best way to sort, store and organize your paper is by following a basic system. If you're familiar with the 4 Section System for Supply Organization, then the 3 Section System for Paper Organization will sound familiar.

The three section system consists of sorting your papers by categories. There are 3 Major Categories for Paper:
  1. Themes A-Z
  2. The Calendar Year
  3. The Rainbow
Section 1 - Themes A-Z
These are the subjects you scrapbook about organized alphabetically.
Animals, Baby, Beach, Sports, Vacation, etc...

Section 2 - The Calendar Year
Group all of you holiday and seasonal materials together. Use dividers to indicate the change in month or season.
Section 3 - The Rainbow
This is where you store all of your solid colored papers grouped together by color. You can pull out your color wheel or just go with the old stand by ROY G BIV - Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet.

Once you've got your papers sorted, put them into the Paper Junkie Storage Boxes. Label the boxes to match the 3 Section System. Now when you're ready to scrap a particular theme or holiday, i.e. Christmas, you don't have dig through layers of papers. You just pull to Christmas?December box off your shelf and set on your desk. You'll be able to thumb through your papers quickly and easily. You can also take the full box with you if you head off to a crop or a class to work on Christmas - Simple.

The Paper Junkie boxes in this Rainbow section have been laid over onto their backs. This makes it really easy to pull your papers straight out of the box.. The Theme Section is labeled below.

To learn more about The Paper Junkie Paper Storage Boxes, Click Here.