Webinar #4 Photo Storage and Organization was posted today.

Hi -
 I'm so sorry for the delay in getting Webinar #4 - A Plethora of Pictures posted to the website.  It is finally up today with decent sound quality.  I truly appreciate your patience.  Click Here to get to the Webinar Challenge Page on our site.
  Many of you asked about the storage boxes I use for photos.  I use a 16qt Sterlite box. It is a little larger than your average photo storage box which allows me to use the 8.5x11 sheets of paper to separate my photo groups.  They really work well.  I'm sure I bought them at Target, but the Sterlite brand is very common so you should be able to find them anywhere.
  Here's the image from the Photo Organization Webinar presentation.

Hope to see you all next Tuesday!