Christmas Card Organization

What do you do with all those Christmas Cards and Photo Cards that you've been receiving this holiday season?  Keeping them, Sorting them, Storing them,....can present a little challenge.
 Here are a few suggestions for keeping your Christmas Cards under control.

Single Sided Photo Cards are getting  more and more popular.  Many of us display these in our homes during the holiday season and then are at a loss with what do with them after the season.  My first suggestion is that you cut the return address from the envelope they came in and tape it to the back of the photo card.  That way you will have all the addresses should you ever lose your Christmas Card list and/or if somebody has moved during the year you will have thier current address.  Depending on how many of these cards you get each year, you may want to start a separate and easy to maintain "Friends from Far Away" Album.  This simple album can get stored way each year and come out just at Christmas Time.  You'll be able to look at the images friends send year after year and see how the families have changed. 

Storing Christmas Cards
  If guilt gets the better of you and you prefer not to throw your Christmas Cards away each year, just bundle them up at the end of the holiday season, tie the bundle with a festive ribbon, add a tag with the year on it store them with your Christmas decorations. Each year when you decorate for the holidays, bring out the bundles and place them around your home as part of your holiday decorations.  Not only will they be a pretty addtion to your holiday decorations, you can untie the bundles and look through the cards.  If you save the envelopes you'll be able to add store the cards in the envelopes and that creates and even prettier bundle.


Why do you need Dividers in your ScrapRack?

  The answer may seem obvious, you need Dividers so it will be fast and easy to flip to the section of your ScrapRack where the supplies you need are stored.  But there are also a couple of other reasons you need Dividers
 The Dividers are longer and wider than your storage pages.  This means that they offer a layer of protection to your supplies.  With Dividers inserted throughout your ScrapRack, the edges of your storage pages will be protected from damage.
  The Dividers also add stability to your ScrapRack and prevent your pages from sagging. 
 When you load your Spinders into your CropCrate to go to a crop or class, the Dividers help the Spinders to stand straight up in your Crate. Note only does this help keep everything neat and tidy, it also allows you to put the maximum amount of stuff into your crate without crushing anything. 

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