Why do you need Dividers in your ScrapRack?

  The answer may seem obvious, you need Dividers so it will be fast and easy to flip to the section of your ScrapRack where the supplies you need are stored.  But there are also a couple of other reasons you need Dividers
 The Dividers are longer and wider than your storage pages.  This means that they offer a layer of protection to your supplies.  With Dividers inserted throughout your ScrapRack, the edges of your storage pages will be protected from damage.
  The Dividers also add stability to your ScrapRack and prevent your pages from sagging. 
 When you load your Spinders into your CropCrate to go to a crop or class, the Dividers help the Spinders to stand straight up in your Crate. Note only does this help keep everything neat and tidy, it also allows you to put the maximum amount of stuff into your crate without crushing anything. 

Dividers are sold in packs of 5 and 15.  Shop for your Dividers now - click here.


  1. I have a very large collection of rubberstamps. I took them all off the wood and put them on velcro and some on the "cling" method. The velcro are fine the otheer are curlibng and not working. My question is what can you recomened to keep this collection in?

  2. Hi Majeral -
    Have you tried using the Storage Pages, like the Dream Dozen or the Perfect Six. These work great for storing unmounted stamps and keep everything nice and flat.
    Here's a link to the Storage Pages - http://thescraprack.easystorecreator.com/items/shop-now~br-create-your~br-own-system/step-2~pages/perfect-six-storage-pages-p43-detail.htm