Sneak Peek - Color #1

We are so excited about the new colors and PATTERNS!!! Other than the Zebra Limited Edition we did last year, we've never done patterns.  Our newest Create and Craft Binders (Formerly know as The TravelPack) will come in some fun new patterns.  I'm sorry to say we don't have great pictures, as I'm working off what was sent to me from the factory.  You can "Click to Enlarge" the images I've included.
  We're pleased to present today's color - Black Floral.  We don't have interior pictures, but the interior of this Create and Craft Binder is Turquoise Blue!!! FUN, FUN, FUN!!
Black of course is classic and timeless.  It goes with everything.  The new floral pattern adds a little extra style and "pop".  The apron has the floral pattern on the side.  I'm sorry you can't see the pattern from this image.  We'll certainly add more images to the website when the products arrive.

The Crop Crate Apron - more images. 
I talked about this on video yesterday, here are a few more pictures. Click to Enlarge.


Sneak Peek - New Products/Colors - Reveal 1

Hi All -
  Thanks for waiting to find out what's new at The ScrapRack / Totally-Tiffany.  (Learn about the branding change - click here.)
    I know lots of you are anxious to find out about the Crop Crate Aprons, so that's what we're starting with.  There are a couple of changes to the Apron.  We've added a large pocket to the front that will easily hold your ATG, we've made the side pocket clear and gusseted so it will hold more stuff, and finally we moved the clear ID pocket to the back flap.

I know I'm kind of cheating by using the purple apron as the demo in this video, but that's the only sample they sent me. 
Check back tomorrow and well start revealing the new TravelPack and Apron colors - one color a day for the next few days.
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Paper Organization - Challenge #2

Today in the Get Organized Challenge broadcast we talked about Paper Storage and Organization. You may already know that I recommend the 4 Section System for general organization. With paper you only need to use 3 of the sections - Themes/Sentiments, Calendar Year and The Rainbow.  
Sorting and organizing your paper is easier than it sounds.  You just need a good system (the 4 Section System), Paper Storage Boxes and Dividers, a "purge box" and a couple of simple rules to follow:

  1. Keep things together you would use together.
  2. Combine and Conquer - size doesn't matter.
  3. Don't over think it.

You should include all of your paper in the category where it belongs - Glitter, Vellum, Cork... whatever it is, put it with the correct theme, calendar month or color.
 If you plan on keeping scraps, set a minimum scrap size - I recommend 12"x 6" - toss, give away or recycle anything that doesn't meet your minimum.  
Do you have "pictureless" layouts that you created at a crop, class or some other event?  Put those layouts into the correct section of your 4 Section System so you remember that you have them.
You'll have your stacks of paper sorted into your storage boxes in no time.  Add those boxes to your shelving system and you're ready to craft.  You'll be thrilled with how much you can get done when everything is at your finger tips.  Want to learn more about Paper Organization?  Watch today's Get Organized Challenge on our website, - Click here for access.

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New Products - Sneak Peek

Because everyone doesn't Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.....we've decided to unveil each of our new products/colors here on my blog.  Beginning Thursday, January 30th we'll post pictures and descriptions of our newest products and/or colors - one each day until we run out of colors or products.
If you're not already a blog follower you'll want to sign up now so you get a reminder when things are posted.  You can also just book mark this page and check back each day.
 Thanks for stopping by, I hope you like our new goodies!!!


Rock Star - Big Benefits

Yesterday was the first day of the 2014 Resolve to Get Organized Challenge.  (If you're unfamiliar with the challenge, you can click the link above and get the details on our website.)  The first session of the GOC is always about setting yourself up for success and identifying what the Big Benefits will be.  I wanted to share one very simple Big Benefit with you from my Burn the Ship Activity (see last week's post).
 Several months ago a very close friend of mine won an award for being a Rock Star Real Estate Agent.  As a way to celebrate I came up with a cool idea that I knew she would love.  I made a quick stop at Michael's and with the very best intentions I purchased what I would need to execute my plan.
  In the madness that is life, (and the mess that was my studio), I ran out of time that day and the project got moved over, and moved over and moved over, then finally disappeared into the pile of well meaning supplies in my storage room.
  Half way through my "Burn the Ship" project, Voila!
 That cool idea resurfaced and along with it all the supplies I had set aside to complete it.  I used that little project as a way to motivate myself to push through the piles on my desk. 
  As soon as the organizing project was complete, I created the "Rock Star" you see here for my pal Heidi Hurst (who happens to be the best Realtor in the Puget Sound area - just in case you need one ;-) )
  This was a simple project with just a few components, but because my studio was a mess, it got lost in the shuffle.  The initial thrill I felt when buying the supplies, quickly evaporated and actually turned into a bit of stress each time the un-done project crossed my mind.
  Once my studio was back together the project only took me about 30 minutes from set-up to clean up.
  When Heidi found out that I was the one who left her the garden Rock Star it brought her to tears!  And that my dear readers is a BIG BENEFIT!
Rock Star next to Heidi's front porch.


Burn The Ship!!!

If you've never heard the "Burn the Ship" story, I'll summarize it very briefly here - a Spanish Conquistador wanting to insure his troops didn't leave without accomplishing their goal, is said to have "burned the ships" so the troops didn't have the option of going home.  There is some discussion as to whether this story is true, but the message is a good one - don't allow yourself room to fail.
Two weeks ago I decided it was time to "Burn my photo and memorabilia ship." I had several boxes of photos, memorabilia, etc all piled up in a corner of my studio.  When I initially brought the boxes out of the closet and stacked them in the corner, my thought was; I'll just work through them one at a time.  Weeks, no months, later, they were still stacked in the corner.  Looking at them was giving me hives.  I knew I needed to use the studio to make videos the following Monday, that meant everything needed to be cleaned up, so.....Let the burning begin!!!
I emptied the boxes out into piles on my desk. I also set up a table behind my desk with some large plastic boxes. These would be used to store my photos chronologically once they were sorted. Next, I sorted the pictures by year.  As I was going through the pictures and memorabilia I came across a lot of things that I wanted to keep, but that I wasn't actually going to scrap.  These items went into the Big Book Box.  The Big Book is a good old fashioned scrapbook.
 Once I got through all of the pictures and memorabilia it was easy to put them in chronological order

and then file them in the storage boxes.
Up on the top shelf of the storage room they went.
  Last thing...I put all of the Big Book Stuff into the Big Book.
Sweet!  It took me all day, but Ahhhh it's done!
 As a bonus, I found these really cool stickers, from an old camera, but they gave instructions in multiple languages.  I put them into the Words of Wisdom section of my ScrapRack. (Click on them to make them larger.)  As we approach the start of the 2014 Resolve to Get Organzied Challenge, what ships will you burn?  
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Think Simply - Organize Well

Teaching classes, answering emails, responding to online posts - in each of these arenas I regularly find that we try to "over think" the issue of organization.
For me organization can be boiled down into one simple concept - finding what I need, when I need it.
There are a few things that can put a "hitch in your get-a-long" when you're trying to find what you need, but the biggest one is what I call "Thoughtless Containerization."
What is Thoughtless Containerization?
  This is a frequent occurrence in cupboards, closets and garages all over the country.  Thoughtless Containerization (TC) occurs whenever you think "where should I put this?" and your brain responds - "I have no idea - just put it in a box in the garage and we'll worry about it later."  Into the garage that item goes, never to be seen again.

   In order to avoid TC and hours of hunting for the item when you want it again, take a moment to "Pause and Ponder."  Ask yourself a couple of simple questions about the item you're storing.

When will I need this again?
Will I use it in conjunction with something else?
Will anyone else in my family/office need it before I do?

Once you've taken the time to ask these questions, your brain will go to work selecting the appropriate place to store the item.
It's like magic.  Because you've taken a few moments to "think" about where the item is stored, you're brain has started forming a pattern for remembering.  Reinforce that pattern, by telling yourself, verbally if possible - "I'm storing the (item name) in the (where ever).  It's all about getting your brain to make the connections.  If you've take my Get Organized Classes for crafting - the next one starts on the 21st of January -  this is why the ideas in class work.  We are connecting what we are storing to a theme, event, color, etc.

  Give Pause and Ponder a try.  You can do it with anything, not just things you are storing.  Try it with your car keys or something else your regularly spend time looking for.  Ask yourself a couple of questions, put the item down somewhere, reinforce it with a mental or verbal statement - let me know how it works for you.
Think Simply and Organize Well.

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Get Organized in 2014 - Start with an Index card

As so many of you already know I believe that 90% of getting anything done is making it easy.  Even difficult tasks can be broken down into easy steps.

If one of your goals this year is to be more organized and accomplish more, try reducing and simplifying your daily "to-do" list.

Reduce the size - switch from using a full sized sheet of paper to a small 3x5 index card.
If you choose to use the colored index cards it will be easier to find the card on your desktop, in your purse, briefcase, etc.  For men, a small index card fits easily into your breast pocket. If it will fit in your phone case - even better!

Simplify - break your day down into - just 2 or 3 parts.  For me, it's 2 parts, Before Lunch and After Lunch.  Some people use morning  (before 10) mid-day (10-2) and afternoon (2-EOD). Put the 2 or 3 most important things you need to get done on the list and nothing else.

 Carry the card with you, put it on your computer keyboard, or your telephone, - each time you feel like you need to do something other than what is on your list, tell yourself, "I'll do it when my list is complete" and resist.  Complete the list first, then do whatever you want to do.

The end result will be that the important things get done , and the things that are unimportant just evaporate.  The majority of your day is most likely spent doing things that don't really matter in an attempt to avoid committing to what needs to get done.  Once you commit and see the results, you'll be amazed at how much more productive you can be in so much less time.

Errands - YIKES
 Running errands can suck up tons of time, cost you extra money and be the source of lots of frustration.  Make regular errands a regular part of each day.  Monday - Grocery, Tuesday - Dry Cleaning, Wednesday - Target.....etc.
On Sunday night create your index cards for the week, just put the date on the front, on the back put the errand list.  As you think of things you need at the grocery or Target add them to the list.  Once you get yourself into a routine you'll become a better planner - saving money and TIME!!!

Wishing you a peaceful and simple 2014,
Are you a crafter?  We'll start our next Get Organized Challenge on January 21st.  It's fun, it's Free and you'll feel FABULOUS once you get your craft supplies organized.  Click here for details.