New Stamp Storage

If you've got "woodies" you know how difficult they can be to sort, store, and FIND!
http://thescraprack.easystorecreator.com/items/new-products/A38-Stamp-Store-and-go-bag-Totally-Tiffany-detail.htmThis new clear Stamp, Store and Go Bag is the perfect solution.  Inside the bag is a lightweight plastic tray.  The tray gives the bag integrity so your stamps stay flat. 

This allows you to stand the bag up in your drawer, on a shelf or in a tote. 
Bonus - this little bag works great for other supplies too.
Use your label maker to label the bag on the top and side.  You'll be able to find what you need in a snap!

I'll be talking more about using this product for organizing your stamps at the Get Organized Challenge Class on February 25th, via Livestream - Learn More, click here. 

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New Page Design

The Vertical Four
The baby sister to our Vertical Double - if you've got lots of long narrow stuff you're going to love this page.  I believe it will be the perfect place to store you 12" long Sizzlits dies.
These pockets are 12.5" long and 3" wide.


You'll go WILD over this combo!

Limited Edition Combination - Classic Leopard and Red.
This Create and Carry Binder has a RED interior!!! It could only be better if it came with a feather boa.
Don't wait on this, like the Zebra last year, it will quickly be extinct.  2014 Limited Edition.


Feeling Bubbly?

Doesn't this combo just make you feel bubbly?
This Create and Carry Binder has a fun blue dot center panel and a silver grey interior.  The Crop Crate apron has solid light blue and dark blue panels.  


Today's Color Reveal

Okay all you ladies who love Pink.  This is going to be the combo for you!!!
This Create and Carry Binder (formerly the TravelPack) has a Turquoise blue interior. The Apron does have the Pink Floral fabric on the sides.  We'll post  many more pictures when these arrive.


Sneak Peek - Color #1

We are so excited about the new colors and PATTERNS!!! Other than the Zebra Limited Edition we did last year, we've never done patterns.  Our newest Create and Craft Binders (Formerly know as The TravelPack) will come in some fun new patterns.  I'm sorry to say we don't have great pictures, as I'm working off what was sent to me from the factory.  You can "Click to Enlarge" the images I've included.
  We're pleased to present today's color - Black Floral.  We don't have interior pictures, but the interior of this Create and Craft Binder is Turquoise Blue!!! FUN, FUN, FUN!!
Black of course is classic and timeless.  It goes with everything.  The new floral pattern adds a little extra style and "pop".  The apron has the floral pattern on the side.  I'm sorry you can't see the pattern from this image.  We'll certainly add more images to the website when the products arrive.

The Crop Crate Apron - more images. 
I talked about this on video yesterday, here are a few more pictures. Click to Enlarge.


Sneak Peek - New Products/Colors - Reveal 1

Hi All -
  Thanks for waiting to find out what's new at The ScrapRack / Totally-Tiffany.  (Learn about the branding change - click here.)
    I know lots of you are anxious to find out about the Crop Crate Aprons, so that's what we're starting with.  There are a couple of changes to the Apron.  We've added a large pocket to the front that will easily hold your ATG, we've made the side pocket clear and gusseted so it will hold more stuff, and finally we moved the clear ID pocket to the back flap.

I know I'm kind of cheating by using the purple apron as the demo in this video, but that's the only sample they sent me. 
Check back tomorrow and well start revealing the new TravelPack and Apron colors - one color a day for the next few days.
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