New Academic Calendar

When I picked up my mail yesterday I was pleased to see a thick manila envelope in the pile.  This was something I'd been waiting for. Not as exciting as something with Nordstrom printed in the return address corner, but far more exciting then the new cell phone bill.
The  new school year has begun and with it comes the new calendar from Max's school. 

Why keep the old one?
Keeping the old calendar can serve you well. When you're ready to create albums for this time period, the calendar will be a huge asset.
It's obviously an accurate record of the school year and major events.
Secondly, you've probably added your own notes and family events.

 Finally, if the school sends you a calendar each year, it is most likely loaded with pictures of your children, they're friends, they're teachers and pictures of events that happen during the school year. The calendar is, in and of itself, a memento.

  If you don't get a calendar from the school each year, you probably have you're own calendar and/or your child's school planner.  Either of these will have the same benefits when saved.

Where should you store the old calendar? 

With your Mementos from the school year of course!! I use our Memento Keeper, one for each school year.  This makes it easy to put things away as they come in the door.  If you're not using a Memento Keeper, maybe you have a file folder, or plastic box....just add the calendar to the box and you're done!

Hang your new calendar on the refrigerator and let the new school year begin!

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Stamp and Supply Suitcase - NEW

Wood mounted stamps can really present a challenge where organization is concerned.
  If you put them on a shelf and arrange them by theme it's difficult to add new stamps and keeping them dust free is almost impossible. 
  Once you put them into a drawer they are "out of site out of mind."
  If you load them into a tote, digging to the bottom becomes a huge chore, not that you'll remember what's down there anyway.
 Our new Stamp and Supply Suitcases were designed to solve these problems.
  Because these boxes can be store vertically, its easy to create a "library" of stamps and other supplies.  Here are a couple of examples:

Use an sheet of paper in the bottom of each Suitcase to indicate stamp placement.

Small bottles of glitter, beads, and embossing powder.
Dozens of rolls of Washi tape.
Small tools store easily, cords won't tangle.

Each Suitcase is 8.5" x 11" x 1".  You can store a variety of stamps (number varies based on size of stamps) in each box. Boxes can be stored either horizontal or vertical - allowing you to maximize your storage space. Retractable handles make it easy to carry your supplies from home to a crafting event.

Label the edge of each "suitcase" to create your library.

You'll love how easy it is to organize you stamps, glitters, tools and more with these little Stamp and Supply Suitcases.

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Need some Stamp Suitcases to help organize your supplies - click here to learn more or shop.


School Year Mementos

The Memento Keeper is the perfect solution.

The day after high school graduation my son presented me with his cap and gown, "Here mom, save this for me, would you?"

  Hmm...along with this request there were stacks of graduation announcements, party invitations, end of the year award certificates, commencement programs, and all of the other things that come along with a graduation.
  On yeah I forgot about the college application process; visiting schools, choosing a school  - and all of the mementos that are created during that process, more cards, more letters, more photos and whatever fun little trinkets your university of choice has forwarded on to you to reassure you that you've made the right choice.

  I was feeling overwhelmed and London had only been out of school for less than 24 hours.
  I took a deep breath and thought, "how am I going to get all of these things together?"  More importantly - how would I know which things would be important to London in the future?

SIMPLE ANSWER: I couldn't know - nor could London at this point. I would have to save it all.

  So, I printed a few pictures from each college visit. I did the same from a couple of graduations parties, and the ceremony, gathered EVERYTHING up and organized it all in a Memento Keeper.
  Wow, that was EASY.
(Click to enlarge photos.)

Memento Keeper with grad stickers and London's Photo
Inside cover, Photos, Announcements, Invitations, etc.

Center pages Awards (left), Cap AND Gown (right) 

Back Cover Commencement Ceremony Mementos

Whether you've got a graduating student or a grade schooler that is just moving up, you'll find the Memento Keeper to be an easy way to Sort, Store and SHARE the school year mementos.    Put  you Memento Keepers on the shelf next to your family albums so you can enjoy them together.

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Learn more about the Memento Keeper on our website - Click Here.


New Stamp Storage

If you've got "woodies" you know how difficult they can be to sort, store, and FIND!
http://thescraprack.easystorecreator.com/items/new-products/A38-Stamp-Store-and-go-bag-Totally-Tiffany-detail.htmThis new clear Stamp, Store and Go Bag is the perfect solution.  Inside the bag is a lightweight plastic tray.  The tray gives the bag integrity so your stamps stay flat. 

This allows you to stand the bag up in your drawer, on a shelf or in a tote. 
Bonus - this little bag works great for other supplies too.
Use your label maker to label the bag on the top and side.  You'll be able to find what you need in a snap!

I'll be talking more about using this product for organizing your stamps at the Get Organized Challenge Class on February 25th, via Livestream - Learn More, click here. 

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New Page Design

The Vertical Four
The baby sister to our Vertical Double - if you've got lots of long narrow stuff you're going to love this page.  I believe it will be the perfect place to store you 12" long Sizzlits dies.
These pockets are 12.5" long and 3" wide.


You'll go WILD over this combo!

Limited Edition Combination - Classic Leopard and Red.
This Create and Carry Binder has a RED interior!!! It could only be better if it came with a feather boa.
Don't wait on this, like the Zebra last year, it will quickly be extinct.  2014 Limited Edition.


Feeling Bubbly?

Doesn't this combo just make you feel bubbly?
This Create and Carry Binder has a fun blue dot center panel and a silver grey interior.  The Crop Crate apron has solid light blue and dark blue panels.