Cheering Lanie On - You Go Girl!!!

Hi Scrappers -
 We've got another Scrapper on a mission to get organized who is willing to share her struggles and success.  Please take a moment to visit her Blog and cheer her on as she tackles her organization challenge. 
  You Go Girl - http://www.love2scrap-n-crop.com/blog/


Inspired to Get Organized

Hi All -
 Thanks so much for all of the positive feedback about the 2011 Get Organized Challenge.  I'm looking forward to working with all of you in the coming months.  This morning I got an email from one of our Customers, Terri M.  about what to do with her "PURGE".  For those of you who aren't familiar with that term as it relates to Craft Organization, it's all the stuff you have, that you will never use.  Terri found a joyful home for her "Purged" items at Ronald McDonald House.  Whether you're taking the Challenge or not, this is a great time to think about giving.  For most of us, knowing we are doing something that helps others can make a painful task a little, sometimes a lot, easier.  Over the next couple of weeks I'm challenging you to find a good home for your "Purge."  Make a personal commitment to donate, and then tell someone you're going to do it, write it down for everyone to see.  Be BOLD!!! 


2011 Organization Challenge

Hello Crafters -
 We've set up our schedule for the Get Organized Challenge.  As you may already know it will begin on Tuesday, January 11th at 10:00am (pst).
  Before I commit to a topic schedule, Karen suggested I ask you what you found most difficult when it comes to getting organized. 
  If you're facing specific challenges please email me or comment here on the blog and let me know.  While there are some standard things to cover, we want to be sure this challenge is genuinely helpful to all of you.
 Looking forward to your input,


The Get Organized Challenge is ON!!!

We've had a GREAT response to the Get Organized Challenge.  We'll begin the 15 minute webinars on Tuesday, January 11th at 1:00pm EST (10am PST).  If you haven't put in your information for an invitation, please follow this link and complete the small form at the end of the page.  This will insure you get an invitation with the login codes you'll  need to join the Webinar.  We hope to start promptly at 1:00, so please feel free to login a few minutes early and introduce your self.
Here's a link to the Invitation Page - click here.
Remeber, if you can't attend the actual Webinar, you'll be able to get a "recorded" version of the Webinar.  This will go out via email to everyone on the list.  Please fee free to forward this link on to any of your crafty friends that could use some help getting organized.


Get Organized Webinar

Hi Crafty Ladies -
 We are thinking about hosting a "Get Organized" Webinar beginning in January.  We're considering two different formats - a 2 hour, basically "lecture" style event, or a weekly 15 minute event. 
  The two hour event would be similar to the seminars we teach around the country.  The weekly event would be more "project based".  We would discuss one particular type of thing and then give out a weekly "assignment" for getting that thing organized. When we met the following week webinar participants could upload photos, discuss challenges, and most importantly Share Success!!!
 What are your thoughts?  Do you have organizationally challenged crafty friends? We'd love to know what their thoughts are as well so please feel free to share this blog post with them. 
  Looking forward to hearing what you have to say,