Embellishment Organization

If you haven't added your Embellishments to your ScrapRack now is the time to do it.  The ScrapRack is designed to hold all types of crafting supplies, not just the "flat stuff."  If you haven't moved your Brads, Eyelets, Glitter, Beads,....into your ScrapRack System, you aren't getting maximum use of your investment.  The Embellishment Storage page is a perfect place for your "heavy" embellishments, the Dream Dozen Page will store literally dozens of brads, eyelets, beads... and the WrapAround Ribbon and Fiber Cards will keep all of your ribbons and fibers, tangle-free and accessible. 
Read up on Embellishment Organization on our website - Here's a link to a brief article on embellishments.


Jewelry and Beading Organization

Are you looking for a great way to organize your Jewelry and Beading Supplies? 
The ScrapRack is the perfect answer. 
You can group your beading/Jewelry making supplies by Color and Style.  Group your findings by Gold/Silver, etc.
Use small ziplock bags for your beads and finding then slip them into our pocket pages.  We used the Dream Dozen Page in the example below, but the Embellishment Storage Pages would work equally well.  We also slipped our tray into a SuperSized Single Pocket. It worked great.
When you're ready to create all of your products will be visible and accessible.
Try designating a single page for each project you're working on.  This will keep eveyrthing in one place so when you're ready to create you're organized and ready to go! If you like to craft away from home, you can easily take your jewelry and beading tools with you in a TravelPack.


Rulers, Journaling, Self-Healing Mat - Put them in your ScrapRack

Okay Crafters -
 Are you looking for a place to store your rulers, templates, maybe a small self-healing mat?  Why not slip them into a ScrapRack Storage page? I slipped my rulers into a Four-in-a-Row page, my self-healing mat into a SuperSized Single and my journaling grids into a Mix-n-Match.  I put the pages onto a Spinder and put them all onto my ScrapRack. 
   When I pack up for a crop or class, I've got them in my Crop Crate with all my other supplies.  It's just so easy.

If you're looking for the best way to get to a Crop or Class with your supplies, the a Crop Crate from office depot with our Crop Crate Apron could be the perfect solution.  It's a simple way to pack everything quickly and easily, with the bounce of the lid on the Crop Crate working as an additional table top. It's perfect.

Want to learn more about the ScrapRack?  Click here to visit our Watch and Learn Page.