Update on the Border Hoarder

Hi Ladies -
 I got an update from Jean our friendly neighborhood, self-descibed, Borderline Horder.  Here's the latest from her double-scrap rooms.  I've included some images below.  Click on them to enlarge.

Hi Tif!
I made some tremendous strides this past weekend. Like many others, I to had today (MLK day) off so I concentrated on my two craft rooms PLUS my bedroom which was holding "overflow" of materials. I still don't have everything in its proper place, but I have at least gotten boxes filled with embellishments galore plus other scrapbooking/cardmaking goodies. I have them stacked up in one corner so now I will be able to take out one box at a time and either find a home for the articles in my scraprack, place them in a labeled drawer or purge (oh no...did I say purge??? good grief). I can now actually walk...yes, walk into the rooms! I have also found more numbered stamps I had done on computer paper and have placed them in page protectors and straight into the scraprack. My next accomplishment was sorting through the mounds of 12x12 paper. I have sorted them into colors (plain ones at least) as well as those specialty papers into sections (Christmas, Halloween, Valentine day, etc) for the calendar section. Currently I plan on putting the fewer ones (V-day, b-day) into the scraprack. I will next have to go through the mountain of mixed papers which contain swirls, dots, lines, flowers, etc and match them up to a primary color section.
I feel really, really good about what I got accomplished these past three days!! yippee for me!!! Oh, and I have placed a great deal of ribbon spools on a large door mounted old fashioned canned goods rack I purchased at an antique store. There are 6 shelves on this thing that'll hold more than enough space for ribbon.
I will check in tomorrow for the webinar...hopefully I'll get on to listen. I don't have a microfone attached to my computer, but I can use the clapping hands...thats for sure!
Jean's Paper                    Stamp catalog, empty shelves and labeled stamp boxes.

Hi Tif!
  The Christmas/New Years holiday slowed me down, but I did manage to put a small, okay, tiny, dent in my organization. I have now captured 1576+ stamps and have the majority of them in their categories. As you can see, Christmas area is doing well followed up by Halloween, Thanksgiving and then my beloved pigs! I had to have a section of pig stamps all by themselves. I love, love, love pigs! I have also been able to get a good start on the paper and instruction manual area as well.
I must say that I have had to take breaks from the stamps from time to time because it feels so overwhelming. Hence why the paper started getting organized by colors. I think however, I may reconsider and start putting them by theme/calendar instead. I tend to over-think the process. I am still feeling my way around what works best for me.
  I am looking forward to your challenge coming up and am interested in what the others will share as well. I am always open for suggestions...I have nothing to lose and everything to gain!
  The pics are of my Christmas stamp/embellishment area, asst. fibers I found and then of my paper/book wall. I still have my previous stamp wall which is located in my second craft room. That hasn't changed. I can however, lay claim to fame that the closet in the second room has been cleaned out and all craft items have found homes in my drawers or with others! Success comes in small steps.
So, thanks for all the hints and I look forward to further help. I see there are others out there with the same tasks to undertake. Baby steps is all I can say......and lots of breaks!
Take care. Jean aka borderhoarder
Oh, by the way, I am a member of a monthly card/stamp club so those stamps just keep multiplying! eeekk!


Ode to my ScrapRack by Julianne S.

Hi Ladies -
 I got this wonderful email and thought I would share it with you all. 

  All my life I dreamed of a room dedicated to crafting and when the dream was realized, I was so disappointed that I couldn't stand to be in there since the room was a huge mess. I tried bins, but then had to haul half a closet out to figure out which bin things were in. I'd get frustrated, go buy something that I "knew" I already had and then haul everything to work on my project into the kitchen since I'd made a huge mess in the craft room and didn't want to have to clean it up prior to starting.
  I found out about your product when another user recommended it to me. I was asking in an online chat room for the best way to organize scrapbooking supplies, and was told that this was the best way - hands down. I watched your video on YouTube and fell completely in love with the whole concept. I only received it about a week ago and have literally incorporated almost an entire closet into the space at the top shelf of my waist-high bookcase.
  I have almost finished loading my entire scrapbooking collection into the scraprack and it's amazing how much fit. I was absolutely shocked to realize how much duplication there was in there - what a waste of money! I think it will probably pay for itself just by helping locate something so quickly and keeping me from running to the store for something that I have and can't find.
  I was double checking my system (to be sure that it matched your system - you genius you) when I saw online about the knitting needles and crochet hooks. WOW! What a great idea! I immediately went online and ordered an additional base and spinders. That will be my next project and section when they arrive. Guess I'll be ordering additional pockets for that, too! LOL
  Today as I was reviewing your ideas again, it came to me that I could copy the fronts of my over 100 sewing patterns and put them into the scraprack, too. Since I have a ton of now-empty bins, I think I'll do like you did for the stamps. I'll just mark down which number bin that pattern is in and Viola! I'll find it. This also solves another problem for me. When the pattern has a jacket and a skirt, where do you file it? I plan to make separate sections on spinders for jackets and skirts and "AHA" I can make two copies file it in both and easily figure out what my options are. Another frustration and money saver. Plus I'll only have to hunt through one bin!
  Needless to say, I am delighted with my scraprack and excited to see what uses other cross-crafters have found for it. I know that I will be much happier spreading out on my craft room table - now that I can see it! :) Your clever little invention has helped me realize my craft-room dream!
  Did I say thank you? Please accept my sincere thanks - you have really improved my life. Turns out that crafting as a relaxing hobby was stressing me out. But no longer - I feel like I should have a party just so I can show this baby off! LOL
Julianne S.

Scrapbook supply Storage and Organization Questions

I've gotten so many questions since we started the Organization Challenge, that I thought I would share the questions and answers right here on my blog.  Please feel free to share this information with your scrapping/crafting pals who might need a little help getting organized.

Question - Verticle Storage vs. Shelf Storage
Sent: Wednesday, January 19, 2011 11:06 PM
Subject: storing paper
I've been following the webinars but I'm still a little confused -- is the best way to store paper vertical or horizontal? I had been using paper trays but after viewing yesterdays webinar perhaps vertical would be easier. I also want to let you know that you have inspired me to reorganize my scrap room!
Thank you,

Answer from Tiffany

Hi Joyce -
Thanks so much for taking the time to write. I find that vertical storage is MUCH easier. It allows easier access to your paper, better visibility, and you can actually take an entire box off your shelf and put it right next to you on your table without taking up 12x12 inches of table space. So, for example if you're working on Christmas, you would just grab the box with Christmas papers in it and set that on your work table, or if you're going to a crop, put the whole box into your crop tote, when you come home you just put the box right back on the shelf where it came from. I hope this all makes sense, I tend to get a bit long winded on the subject of organization.
I'm so delighted to hear you're inspired. It is one of the reasons I love my job. This webinar has been really fun for me.
Let me know if you have any further questions,

Tiffany Spaulding

aka The ScrapRack Lady



Organization Challenge Update and Reminder

Hi All -
 Our next Organization Challenge Webinar is Tuesday morning at 10:00 am PST.  If you haven't signed up - here's a link: Org Challenge Sign Up.
  We'll post the details on the website Tuesday afternoon, so if you can't join us live you can visit the website to watch the recorded version.  Get Organized Challenge Update Page - Click Here.
  I know lots of you are participating in our Facebook Group.  For those of you who are not, here are some of the posting from FB.

Webinar #1 – Get Ready to Get Organized


i wasn't able to attend the "live" webinar but I have just finished watching it. And, we would love to have you move to Texas! See you in San Marcos at the CKC! I am working on and almost finished with Challenge #1! Thanks for all of your help for the unorganized people of the scrapping world!


Shelly VanWormer 2:48pm Jan 15
A question was asked in the webinar about "if the scraprack fits in the Crop in Style XXL?'
Yes, I use my scraprack in my totes on a regular basis.

Jean Stanislawski Middleton  2:22pm Jan 15

I have completed the first challenge. Lots to organize! Grateful for the help!
Hi Tiffany, Well for some reason I wasn't sure how to post this photos to the group site. Not sure if I have not been approved yet so cant or just dumb. Not super savvy with facebook groups. Anyway, I have attached a couple photos if you want to post. I have completed Challenge #1 and very excited to see where it all ends.

Carrie Buck

Jozan Holdren posted in 2011 Get Organized Challenge Group.
Jozan Holdren 6:32am Jan 15

WOW am I excited to get started! Thank you for the Great Challenge and Lessons! I was unable to join the class live due to work, so, last night I got to watch! I am so excited about getting started- I have already got my Purge Box ready, Read Artcle 4 this Morning and gathering "Everything" around the house! Thank you for this great challenge!

Paula McLane Jennings commented on your link.

Paula wrote: "How do you fit your 4 scrapracks on the metal carts? I have 2 regular units with 2 expansions but I can't picture doing that in 22 inches long. Since they are 13 inches wide do the units fit on top or is there a lip around each shelf?"

Bev Kirschner Braun
12:57pm Jan 14

I have completed all of the challenge items except evaluating my space and tools. I have an entire room (12 X 26) with all kinds of craft supplies stacked everywhere. I use another smaller space for actually scrapbooking and card making. My goal is to organize and purge enough stuff to use just the ScrapRack System and one cabinet that is 72" X 40" X 20" for things that won't fit that system. Lofty goal, but I have several outlets for my purge boxes so I believe I can do this.

Pam Petty Martin
11:43am Jan 14

I will be working on the 1st challenge this weekend. It's been too busy for me this week to even do anything yet. I am looking forward to doing this and hopefully keeping it that way. I finally broke down an ordered my scraprack last week, after pondering over it for two years, and it's supposed to be delivered today. I am so excited!

Jean Stanislawski Middleton 11:40am Jan 14

Struggling to understand why I need a calendar section and a theme section. Why can't I just have Christmas/Winter as a theme rather than in the calendar section?

Tif’s Answer: You need to have a calendar year for a couple of reasons. The first is that usually “seasonal” products work within the holidays that fall within the season. So, for example, if you put Easter under “E”, Mother’s Day under “M” and Spring under “S”, you’d have things spread literally from beginning to end in your ScrapRack (or file totes, or whatever tool you’re using). If you put all of those things together in one place within the calendar year – Spring, they will all be together in one place. So when you want to scrap “Easter” you’ll also be easily able to see the Spring papers, stickers, embellishments, etc. that might work well with your Easter pages. This becomes especially important if you are going to a Crop or Class and you want to work on Spring Pages. Because all of your Spring supplies are stored together you can easily gather up what you need to go to the crop/class. I hope this all makes sense, we’ll talk more about it as we begin more of the actual task of physically organizing our stuff.

Mary Ann Belette Mahan
11:24am Jan 14

Finished Challenge 1 and have my themes list done. I hope this challenge will help me organize my stuff.

Sandy Parpart
11:16am Jan 14

This week has been challenging for me because of my migraines. I have printed off the "Challenge 1" sheet, gathered my supplies to my studio and of course joined this group. My husband LOVES the idea of purging and even offered to get me a BIG purge box. I've only been a scrapbooker/cardmaker for a couple years, but I have been a crafter for over 25 years. My studio is a compilation of just about every craft I enjoy. It is hard making "zones" and keeping thing organized without being overwhelmed in the space. I'm really hoping this "challenge" will help.

Angela Monn Taber
11:03am Jan 14

Here is a link to my album of pre-organization photos. Keep in mind that these photos were taken in October 2010 so alot has happened since then, and I am still organizing. So some of the challenges that we will be doing are just a continued work in progress. I have been scraping for 9 years now and have horded a lot of things. I have also given away several boxes of purged material to Girl Scout troops in my area. I still have yet another purge box started for the challenge so maybe I can get back to scraping by the end of the month.

Scrapspace Organization
Janet Zimmerman Hamilton
7:29am Jan 14

This is a "new" beginning for me, as I've had my scraprack for seven years. My goal, though, is to re-organize so that I'm able to take my rack with me to crops--just recently purchased the Office Depot crate. I've just finished purging my stash and gave them to a neighbor. She and her daughter will use the items for church youth projects.


I finished the first challenge this afternoon. I hadn't realized how goofy my theme order has been in my scrap rack. It will be nice to reorganize it so it makes a little more sense.

Nancy Evans

Hi Tiffany,

I watched the video today. (Missed because I had it on my calendar as 1 instead of 10 - duh!) It was great. I have my theme index done, have been gathering stuff from all over, and have all of my themes in the spinders. I am doing a little bit every night. I have stamped every stamp on a piece of paper and put it in the associated theme and have done the same with my punches. Now I am struggling with where you put all the buttons/brads/etc. that are multi-colored, and the patterned papers. For example, do stripes go with stripes or with the predominant color of the stripe? So my pretty pink and green paper - is it pink or green or striped? Or, do I put the pink stripes, dots, and florals all together. The buttons are pink, and green, and blue, and red. I don't know what to do with any of them. Also, how about tags and frames and shapes? Right now I have a theme called Shapes and all the stars, hearts, tags, and frames are in there, but may not be such a good solution. So many decisions!!!! I am assuming you will get to all of that in the webinars.

I still can barely get in my scrapbook room, but the Scrap Rack is starting to take shape. Yea!!!!

Thanks so much for initiating the webinar. This is beyond helpful.



Hi, Tiffany --

Your webinar really inspired me to get serious about organization. Am working on the checklist; however, I won't be doing the Facebook or uploading any photos. I've got a good friend who is my "cheerleader" -- in fact we're both working on organizing our supplies.

Will tune in next week at which time all of my assignment will be completed.

Thanks for your support.


Michele Leggett
6:58pm Jan 11

I did it. I have completed Challenge #1!!! In all fairness, I had a head start as I had a big party over the holidays and had to at least get all my scrapbooking stuff together and into my space (for once it was not spread out all over my house). I only had to open a couple boxes I received several months ago and get that stuff down there. Also, I have boxes of mixed supplies where I "cleaned and organized" for this party, but it is all in my space and I am pretty sure it is everything!!! Can not wait to get this done. I am ready to move to a mental place where my space actually draws and inspires me to work. Thanks a bunch!


The Get Organized Challenge has started!!

Hi Crafters -
 Well the 2011 Get Organized Challenge Webinar Series has gotten off to a great start.  We've posted the Webinar and all the information/worksheets/challenges, etc to a special page on our website.  Here's a link to the page if you want to check it out - Click Here.
  We've also started a Facebook Group to facilitate communication and support.  You can join the group on our facebook page if you want to stay in the loop.  Here's a link - click here.
  This week we focused on "getting ready to get organized" and how to insure you can meet your goals.  We created "Big Benefit" reminder boards and Rewards Charts.  We were also challenged to find all the supplies we have stashed around the house and to create a "Themes" list to help in the organization process.
  You can watch the full Webinar on our website and also register to join us for future webinars.  One of the most important things about creating a resolution is to set yourself up for success. We started the Webinar with this discussion and talked about how the 2011 Challenge was designed for success.  I hope you'll take a few minutes to view the Webinar and make your resolution a reality this year. 
 Here' a picture of my Big Benefit Reminder Board.
 Thanks for checking in on  us here at the ScrapRack Get Organized Blog.


2011 Organization Challenge - Registration Link

Hi Ladies -
 If you haven't received the link to the Get Organized Webinar - Here it is.  This was sent out last week. Please use this to get yourself registered.  After registering you'll get an email with a link to login to the Webinar on Tuesday.  Please login a few minutes early so you can figure out how to operate your dashboard.  I should be logged in by 9:45 to help anyone who needs it. 
 Click Here to Register Now.
 Looking forward to seeing you (hearing you :-) ) on Tuesday,