School Year Mementos

The Memento Keeper is the perfect solution.

The day after high school graduation my son presented me with his cap and gown, "Here mom, save this for me, would you?"

  Hmm...along with this request there were stacks of graduation announcements, party invitations, end of the year award certificates, commencement programs, and all of the other things that come along with a graduation.
  On yeah I forgot about the college application process; visiting schools, choosing a school  - and all of the mementos that are created during that process, more cards, more letters, more photos and whatever fun little trinkets your university of choice has forwarded on to you to reassure you that you've made the right choice.

  I was feeling overwhelmed and London had only been out of school for less than 24 hours.
  I took a deep breath and thought, "how am I going to get all of these things together?"  More importantly - how would I know which things would be important to London in the future?

SIMPLE ANSWER: I couldn't know - nor could London at this point. I would have to save it all.

  So, I printed a few pictures from each college visit. I did the same from a couple of graduations parties, and the ceremony, gathered EVERYTHING up and organized it all in a Memento Keeper.
  Wow, that was EASY.
(Click to enlarge photos.)

Memento Keeper with grad stickers and London's Photo
Inside cover, Photos, Announcements, Invitations, etc.

Center pages Awards (left), Cap AND Gown (right) 

Back Cover Commencement Ceremony Mementos

Whether you've got a graduating student or a grade schooler that is just moving up, you'll find the Memento Keeper to be an easy way to Sort, Store and SHARE the school year mementos.    Put  you Memento Keepers on the shelf next to your family albums so you can enjoy them together.

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  1. Please please tell me how I can buy an apron. I love yours. When I see it my brain says lets get organized so you can hang it on a pretty hook in your new organized room.

  2. HI Terrie -
    We don't currently sell them. But we're working on it. We'll send out an email when we finally get them in stock.
    Thanks for reading my blog!