Tiny Task, Big Results - Who loves that Tradition anyway?

Who loves that tradition anyway?
  Sometimes we do things every year simply because we’ve done them every year.  Today’s Tiny Task -  take some time to talk to your family, both immediate and extended to find out which traditions are really important.  It might help to make a list of traditions before you start the conversation. (Facebook or Email can make this conversation easy to have.  No, you don’t have to call everyone individually.) 

   You may find that there are not as many really "important" traditions as you think.  You may also be surprised to learn that it’s the little stuff – for my kids I thought the annual Gingerbread House making party was really important.  It was fun, but expensive in both time and materials. After talking with them about traditions, I found out the one thing they liked the most, was getting a Grande White Chocolate Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks and driving around our local neighborhoods looking at lights. 
 Wow, what we call the cocoa drive was more important to them, and cost me a whole lot less in time, money, and planning.  Who knew?  Consider the Gingerbread House party a thing of the past.
 If you do find that one member of your family is crazy about a tradition that others aren’t attached to, let that person take charge of the event. 

Thanks so much for stopping by to read my organization tip for today. How is your holiday season going?  Do you have a great tip you'd like to share?  Are you struggling with a particular task? I'd love to hear from your!  Please feel free to leave a comment.

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  1. Well top 2 in our house are moms sugar cookies and peanut butter fudge.. after that the guys don't really care. I am doing decorating on Thanksgiving because the Air Force won't let Son 1 & 2 come home. And I just found out today the AF won't give son #2 enough time to come home for Christmas so I have to meet him half way to pick up his daughter. Military life stinks !!

  2. Please let your boys know we appreciate their service and sacrafice - and yours. I grew up in a military family so I understand the challenges. One good thing, the two favorite traditions are easy to box up send, at least your son can enjoy the cookies and fudge even though he's not able to join you.

  3. Such a difficult thing to do, drop a tradition, but you help make it sound so much more easy and doable. Guess theres nothing wrong with always startign a new one! our family views light too, we bounced around to ordering and eating pizza to getting desserts and lattes at Starbucks. ~ Carla Sue