Tiny Tasks, Big Results - Day 11, How did Thanksgiving go?

Start a holiday – "How it went" diary
    This is as simple as it sounds.  You can do it on your computer or you can use an actual journal. 
We've already jumped two major holiday hurdles, possibly 3; Thanksgiving, Creating a Gift Shopping List, and that joyful yet exhausting event - Black Friday Shopping.
  After each event take 5-10 minutes to make some notes about how things went.  What worked out well, what didn’t go so well and what you would do differently. 
  When you pack up your holiday decorations pack up the journal with all of your holiday stuff.  Next year you can re-read your notes, make changes and add new notes.  If you use a 3 ring notebook you could include a tab for the journal, a tab for recipes and a tab for the shopping lists you’ve created this year. Again, pack the notebook away with your Halloween or Fall Decorations so you'll have it on hand when things start to get crazy next year.
  If you're doing your journal digitally, you can scan the recipes, attach the shopping lists via a hyperlink, and create a simple Word Document for notes.  If you use OneNote - this would be a WONDERFUL Notebook that is easy to access each year.
  Thanks so much for stopping by today!  I hope your Tiny Tasks are generating big results for this holiday season and those in the future.

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